(NRC) Gold/Walnut Frame For 32x48” Prints

(NRC) Gold/Walnut Frame For 32x48” Prints

*This listing is only compatible with our 32x48” or 48x32” prints.* 


Transitional, 7/8” Soft Gold Cap with Stained Walnut Edge. 
Your order includes complimentary Standard Glass.  

Upgrade to our anti-reflective Museum Glass for $200 to enjoy your print with significantly-reduced reflection of lights, windows, and televisions in your home.  The built-in 99% UV Protection will defend your print from sun damage over time.

Order this frame alone, or pair with a linen liner in one of the following combinations:

  • NRC1 - 7/8” Soft Gold Frame
    ($410 Std Glass / $610 Museum Glass)
  • NRC3 - 7/8” Soft Gold Frame + 2 ½” Linen Cove Liner
    ($575 Std Glass / $775 Museum Glass)
  • NRC5 - 7/8” Soft Gold Frame + 2” Beveled Linen Liner
    ($625 Std Glass / $825 Museum Glass)


More combinations available upon request.  Can’t find a style you love?  Contact us for a custom quote. 

We build all of our frames by hand, and want your order to be absolutely perfect.  Please note our standard framing turnaround of 6-8 weeks.   Some exceptions may apply -  please contact us for more details.