Annual Chesapeake Poster 2020

The signed and numbered limited edition poster will be $75 the day of the release,
Saturday October 19th at 192 West Street, Annapolis MD.

Person to Person sales at the gallery only on Saturday, October 19th starting at 10 am.

The price will increase the next day, Sunday, October 20th starting at $200 and will continue to increase as the edition sells.

Phone and online orders will be taken beginning Sunday, October 20th.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the 2020 annual poster will be donated to the Erin Levitas Foundation.
The Erin Levitas Foundation educates youth and young adults to prevent sexual assault while helping victims heal.
Programs support first-of-its-kind prevention with education impacting attitudes and behaviors before real crimes are committed and harm is done


Ode to Audubon by Nancy Hammond

Ode to Audubon

Springtime on the Chesapeake is a painter’s wish. Sudden magic appears often.

Is it really an orange and red breasted bird alighting on a tree bedecked in mint green and yellow flowers,
each one with a fleck of orange?

Are there really flowers, perched on the top of each branch, the size and shape of a small teacup?
Is this Alice in Wonderland?

Are those brushstrokes on the tiny feathered breasts of the Baltimore Orioles, some reddish-orange, some yellow?

But wait. Look!
A very black bird has swooped down onto a slender stalk of sea grass and is taking a seesaw ride--up down up down--when, suddenly he flashes red and yellow epaulets on his wings.

It’s all wildly gorgeous with purpose just beneath. This red-winged blackbird is warning larger birds that this is his territory.

John James Audubon made an aquatint engraving with hand coloring of two Baltimore Orioles perched in a yellow tulip poplar tree with their amazing knitted hanging nest.

I encourage you to read about the mind-boggling life of this driven and energetic genius of a man.

My admiration is reflected in my Chesapeake Poster 2020 for you.

-Nancy Hammond, 2019