Spring Time Garden at the Marina

Breeze from the Bay

Spring on the Chesapeake

Old Apple

Apple Branch


Larkspur I

Larkspur II


Clouds and Blooms, Blue

Clouds and Blooms, Plum

Clouds and Blooms, Pink

Summer Hydrangeas I

Summer Hydrangeas II

Tall Lacecap Hydrangea

Tall Lilies on Green

Yellow Daffodils

Yellow Freesia

Yellow Ranunculus

Window on the Bay
Window on the Marina

May Baskets

Rusty Crab with Orange Ranunculus

Anchor with May Basket

Cleat with Canvas Bag

May Basket with Daffodils

May Basket with Delphinium

Tall Narcissus

Tall Geranium

Study in Pinks

High Bloom

Yellow Bouquet with Ranunculus

Yellow Bouquet with Snapdragon

Green Hydrangea I

Green Hydrangea II

Pink Potted Geranium I

Pink Potted Geranium II

Hydrangea on Hot Pink I

Hydrangea on Hot Pink II

Spider Mums I

Spider Mums II

Mum on Yellow

Hot Pink


Lacecap Hydrangea

White Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

Celery Orchid I

Celery Orchid II

Lily I

Dark Blue I

Lily II

Dark Blue II

animal pots

Grazing Fawn

Cat Pot

Out of the Coop

Crazy Labs

Speckled Rooster

Heron Jug