CBF Series

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Nancy Hammond has created four works celebrating the native creatures of the Chesapeake Bay. Each print sold will provide $100 of critical funding to support CBF’s mission programs.

A note from Nancy Hammond:

I created this series of four prints in honor of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s 50th Anniversary. The diamondback terrapin, the blue crab, the great blue heron and the osprey inhabited the Bay long before the Nanticoke Indians roamed the area.

They were here when John Smith sailed into the Chesapeake in 1606. With diligence, CBF has worked to maintain this vast waterway so these remarkable creatures can still thrive in their own habitat today.

Congratulations on a job well done CBF!


The signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints are available for purchase as a portfolio of four prints or individual prints.

Blue Heron

Blue Crab

Osprey and Chicks

Diamondback Terrapin

Bay Inhabitants, Portfolio of Four