At the Edge of the Dock 2013

The 2013 Annual Chesapeake Poster


It’s the lazy side of the Chesapeake Bay that I represented in this year’s poster.

Three elements make the scene: the dock with weeds sprouting through the old warping planks, the marshy creek, and the omnipresent black Labrador retriever calmly nosing about the fishy waters.

Faraway, pictured in other posters, are the white fiberglass sailboat hulls and the beige racing sails snapping in the wind. Competition? What’s that?

It’s always a good time to be hanging out at the water’s edge. One might see a silvery flash of a little bass jumping or a water snake slithering into the grasses. See the crabs?

Down at the dock might be the war for you and this friend to take in the day’s surprises.