Crab Clouds Over the Chesapeake 2012

The 2012 Annual Chesapeake Poster


It’s a magical night on the Chesapeake. Moonbeams radiate as silver fire seems to appear in each ripple of the water.

At the edge of the marsh, sounds of water lapping, grasses rustling and frogs croaking are in the night air. As the light shimmers on the water, a silver heron silhouette begins to move in the reeds like a kabuki dancer.

Looking up, clouds are outlines in the moons light. Cloud-light becomes crab-like and evolves into a sea of blue crabs moving sideways across the moonscape. Delectable sea creatures reflect the ones below; swimming in the largest estuary in our land.

Callinectes sapidus, the greek name for blue crab, is from calli (beautiful), nectus (swimmer) and sapidua (savory-swimmer).