Racing Down the Bay 2018

The 2018 Annual Chesapeake Poster


Exhilaration to the max!

Screaming down the bay with massive balloons of air leading the charge; every line is taut and groaning from stress.

The boat’s crew looks Lilliputian in comparison to the sky-high Chesapeake Bay Bridge above and the boat’s towering mast.

The enormous bubble of trapped air in a piece of many-seamed tech-age cloth hovers out over the bow
lurching starboard, then to port.

To present tension and high excitement was my aim for my 2018 annual poster.

Amazing how every line drawn and cut had to be fussed over. Can’t be casual. Must be precise.
When to winch in or what to cut where.

It’s all about the goal and arriving there intact and with exactitude.